You have reached The Gretoville Favorites page.  This page is dedicated to my favorite web sites on the internet.  Here you will find great links to many sites such as: Movies, Music, Gaming Consoles, Theme Parks, Colleges, Important Job Information, Computer, etc.


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 I am a movie freak, I like all sorts of movies such as:

Gretoville Movies


     Reviews | Roger Ebert | E! Online | Movie Times


 I enjoy all types of music...



     MTV | Billboard | Music Critic | Music | Music Lyrics | Vevo Music Videos | Pop Culture Music

  Gaming Consoles

 I have a few gaming consoles including Gretoville Games:



     Xbox | Playstation | XboxCheatCodes | Video Game Music | Kazza

  Theme Parks

 I am a Theme Park junky:



     Xbox | Playstation | Music Critic | Music | Kazza


 UCF: Gretoville Colleges:



     Xbox | Playstation | Music Critic | Music | Kazza

  Job Information

 Job & Moving Info:


     MSN Cost of Living | | Paycheck State Tax | Cost of Living Calculator | Cost of Living | Salary Wizard

  Computer Information

 Computer Links:


     Network Tools | Bizrate | DSL Speed Test | C|NET news | Powweb Marketing | Google Labs | Xmouse | CNet Speed

  Townhouse Information

 Our Townhouse:


     Shop 4 Insurance | Forward #2 | Music Critic | Music | Kazza




     Don't Touch My Computer | Herzog Art | Herzog Art02 | Music | Kazza





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Favorite Links

MJ Morning Show
Ape Child
MSN Autos
Kelly Blue Book
Yahoo Autos